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  • What is Drivers4Me?

    Drivers4Me is a Kolkata-based startup providing elegant online (Website & Smartphone Application) solutions to daily car driver hiring problems, currently operating in Kolkata, West Bengal. If you have your own car then Drivers4Me provides on demand online part time driver service.

  • Do I need to register before availing the services?

    Yes, you have to download Drivers4Me application from Google Play Store(Link) and register yourself using your active mobile number before confirming your booking. This protects both you and us from unauthorized bookings as booking confirmation message are sent only to your registered mobile number / email.

    The registration portal will be available soon at our website too.



  • Who can join?

    You can join us now if you fulfill the criteria mentioned below:

    1. Possess the correct version of the app
    2. Have an account with Drivers4Me with the correct details and phone number



  • How many trips can i get per day?

    To come up with an estimate of the number of trips a companion is guaranteed to get daily is a difficult task. This depends on a large number of factors most of which are way beyond the control of both the companion and Drivers4Me. We tried our best to discuss some of these below:

    • Getting a booking depends heavily on location - both of the customer as well as the companion. Our allotment procedure exists solely to reduce the distance the companion has to travel to provide the service.

    • How likely you are to be allocated to a booking depends on your availability status. This is a feature that lets companions inform the system that they are willing to accept bookings. Simply put, you get bookings only if you are available (i.e. the availability status is set).

    • Your record of past trips matter too. Customers rate you based on your performance. This rating value has a role to play when the system decides on the perfect individual to allocate a booking. In our goal to provide the best experience to our customers we try to select the best person for a trip.

    • Too many booking rejections or keeping bookings pending for a long time affects your priority in the allocation system. We encourage and reward responsiveness from all companions.

    • You must have your location turned on at all times while providing services using our app. Your location is essential to smooth functioning of the services including on-trip services, fare estimates and yes, booking allocation.

  • Who can join?

    You can join us now if you fulfill the criteria mentioned below:

    1. Possess a valid driving licence for non-commercial cars
    2. Have an acceptable identity proof
    3. 2 year or more experience in driving private cars (4-wheeler)
    4. Possess the correct version of the app
    5. Successfully completed the registration process and have an account with Drivers4Me with the correct details and phone number



  • What are the different modes of Booking?

    We have 2 modes of driver booking.

    1. You can book through Drivers4Me mobile app.
    2. In future, you can book online at www.drivers4me.com


Pricing & Payment

  • What is the payment process?

    Payment will be made directly to the driver in cash after the services.
    Soon, the following methods of payment will be included too:

    • Online Payment
    • Cards
    • D4M credits
    • Promo codes



  • Do you have roadside assistance?

    No, we don’t have any roadside assistance now. But we have two 24/7 helpline phone numbers. You can contact us using those numbers at any time.

    • 9088464646

    • 7449464646

  • What happens if I am fined by the traffic police during my journey?

    While we always instruct our companions to always follow the rules of the road, Drivers4Me is not responsible for any situation where the car owner is fined by the traffic police due to violation of the said rules or for the payment of reimbursement in any form arising in such cases for settlement.

    Furthermore, we don’t make any decision on which party is liable to pay for settlement as we are truly unaware which party caused the violation.



  • Can I change or cancel my booking?

    You can cancel your booking at least 1 hour prior to start of the duty. If not, a cancellation charge of Rs. 100/- will be applicable.

    There is no provision for changing a booking. However, you have the option to cancel and re-book. The above charge is applicable as per the situation.